Meet the Team: Cole

Here on the App Gear Co team, we practice what we preach:  our employees love to work hard, but play harder...and love to rock our All-Paca Performance apparel while doing so. Because we love getting to know our customers, from hearing their stories to following along on their adventures, we wanted to give our customers a chance to get to know us: the exuberant, passionate, adventurous people who make the App Gear Co machine run.’s a peek into the life of Cole, our V.P of Information Technology.

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Robert Gage
The Plague of Microplastics

Why do we treat the environment differently than the human body? When it comes to our own bodies, we innately understand that it’s the most microscopic things that can take down the whole system—even one as well-built as the human body. Though we don't think about it, the same is true for our surrounding ecosystem…Mother Earth. As we worry about internal diseases and struggles, we must zoom out and look at the external diseases and struggles that surround us on a daily basis. We are now living in a world where microplastics are as common an ingredient to day-to-day life as running water.

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